More ways to get paid for your art

Put your artwork on our products, and you get paid.

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Brand Design Partner
for print products

Have an idea for a t-shirt design but don’t have the time to deal with inventory, pricing, shipping and customer support. Well now you do.


Step 1

Select Products to Sell

Submit a request using the numbers in
the catalogs below. Once you have
chosen which items you want your
design printed on.

Step 2

Provide Artwork

You provide the artwork, our product designers will do the layouts to place the designs on the products in the right placements.


Step 3

Sell Products

In just a few days, our team will upload products to your Artist Collection on the Tattoo Awards Store. You can start selling the products and we handle all the billing, printing, shipping and fulfillment, and then we send you a payment.

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • Our design services quote includes design revisions that you can use. In case you change your mind and reject the design work, we won’t issue a refund.
  • We assume that your design request is based on content that is original and/or copyrighted by you. To make sure you comply with our appropriate content guidelines, read our Creative Services Terms of Service.