For Sponsors & Advertisers

A targeted audience to promote your products

TattooAwards is the leading site in the tattoo industry for recognizing award winning tattoo artists. Our unique format of bringing together the tattoo community together around these challenges provides a targeted marketing opportunity for sponsors and advertisers.

Reach a targeted audience of tattoo enthusiasts

How it Works

  1. Sponsors work with TattooAwards staff to design a specific challenge that will be appealing to the community and help the sponsor reach their desired objectives. The challenges can target a local, regional or world wide consumer. Sponsors agree to provide cash or product as prizes and incentives for Artists or voters to participate. 
  2. TattooAwards staff invites Artists to join the Challenge.  Artists join and share their entries with their followers. Followers vote in challenges and are exposed to new artists, and new advertisers. 
  3. TattooAwards staff moderates and promotes challenges to maximize your brand exposure and campaign objectives.


Design Challenge

Challenges can be free or paid & can target a style or location.


Invite Artists

We will invite artists to your challenge based on region, location, and style


Engage Voters

Voters browse cool tattoos & help decide the winners

Our Reach

Maximum Impact for Brands

We have an incredible in-house team of content writers, graphic designers, website designers,  .
to help maximize the impact of your campaigns. We promote our Challenges to the entire Tattoo Industry
& tattoo enthusiasts include Facebook advertising, Instagram, Email, SMS & other placement in Google ads.


500 K

Total Traffic-from Social

Monthly views from social media



Total Social Reach

Total reach from social media followers


84 %

Social Engagement

Artist who join a contest and share with their followers.


160 K

Total Free Signups

Over 160,000 voters have registered on the website.



Premier Sponsors

We have a limited number of premier sponsor slots available.



Reported Advertiser ROI

Advertisers reported a 5 x return of sales on dollars spent with TattooAwards.

Sponsor Options

Custom Packages Available

We will work with each sponsor to create a customized plan to maximize your exposure and impact.

Product Sponsor


Package Includes

  • tick Product or coupons redeemable
    by artists or voters to build awareness for your products.
  • tick 1 Challenge per month
  • tick Sponsor listing


Challenge Sponsor


Packages Include

  • tick Headline Branding on a Challenge
  • tick Local or world wide targeting
  • tick Artists invited to challenge
  • tickSponsor provides prizes for winners
  • tickLocal targeting


Premier Sponsor

from $5000/mo

Packages Include

  • tick 1/12 of all available ads
  • tick Monthly email message
  • tick limited to 12 Sponsors
  • tick Custom survey data
  • tick local or world wide targeting


Example Sponsor Campaigns

  1. A device manufacturer is launching a new product and wants to target tattoo artists.  One or more Challenges are created with the grand prize being cash or the new device. The challenges feature the new device prominently and all advertisements for the challenge feature the company or product name of the sponsor.  Winners of devices are asked to provide a review of the equipment they receive. 
  2. A food or beverages company wants to build a campaign to encourage sampling of their new product. A campaign can be created where all registered voters get a coupon redeemable for the sponsors product. 
  3. An apparel manufacturer wants to encourage the purchase of goods, or introduce our audience to a new product. Sponsors can provide a free coupon or gift to all registered voters in a challenge. 
  4. A local Bar owner (or other local business) wants to promote a “Best Tattoo Contest” as a way to bring traffic into their business.  A Challenge is designed where voters can register for weeks or months in advance of a big event held at the bar.  
  5. A local provider of goods or services wants to drive traffic to their stores. A challenge can be created where artists can get a free entry to the contest for coming to the store and registering. 
  6. A Concert, Festival or other Event Promoter wants to have a Challenge as part of their event marketing.  Best Tattoo at ____ (event name) wins a prize.  Event promoter uses TA platform as a way to collect registered users, and for content at their event.